It's Time to Party. Find out dates and Times!

There are five carnival celebrations held in the Virgin Islands each year, and they are the biggest
cultural events that their host-islands organize. These events are highly anticipated by residents and
visitors alike. The words Carnival and Festival, for people that have experienced the events, cause an
explosion of sensory reactions. They envision the colorful costumes worn by masqueraders in the
parades. They can hear steel pan and soca music playing. They start spontaneously singing a popular
road-march tune and swaying as they sing. And their mouth waters as they think about the local
cuisine that they have eaten at the food fairs.

When is carnival in the Virgin Islands?
In the U.S. Virgin Islands, there is: VI Carnival on St. Thomas in
April/May; the St. John Festival is in June/July; and the Crucian Christmas Festival on St. Croix is in
December/January. In the British Virgin Islands there is: the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival in April and
the BVI Emancipation Festival takes place on Tortola in July/August. Find a schedule of events for
these five celebrations by following the links below.

The biggest annual event in the Virgin Islands is carnival; and with several islands, there are several celebrations!